[ExI] "against GM crops" (was Re: punishment)

Chad Robb ninjawaffles at gmail.com
Tue Mar 31 16:19:30 UTC 2009

> Chad:

Among other things, [Monsanto] sells untested crops and if its good they
> reap the
> benefits and if wheat turns to chaff, well they socialize debt.

> Rafal:

### All genetically modified crops are extensively tested. It is just
> and proper that the makers of such crops should reap all the benefits.
> Monsanto is not a bank, so it cannot "socialize the debt" (this is a
> term from another recent purge).

I read an article just recently, wondering myself why people had such
dislike for Monsanto, wherein  India's Monsanto cotton crop was inferior and
Monsanto refuses refund.
Thats what I mean by socializing debt. Poverty is India's problem.
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