[ExI] Group Selection Advances

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Sat May 2 01:51:44 UTC 2009

At 03:32 PM 5/1/2009, you wrote:
>On Fri, May 1, 2009 at 2:17 PM, hkhenson <hkhenson at rogers.com> wrote:
> > I don't think anyone has made a cogent argument for group 
> selection.  I have
> > never seen one that can't be better understood with ordinary evolution.
>This looks like a good response to your question:
>Why Multilevel Selection Matters

I read that paper when it came out.  It is poorly written and full of 
BS.  If you want me to go into detail, post the whole thing right 
here and I will tear it apart.

I am not saying that there can't be group selection, it just that 
nobody has *ever* come up with an example that cannot be completely 
explained by a combination of memetics and biological evolution.


>And we haven't even touched yet upon epigenetics.
>- Jef
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