[ExI] Memes, Genes and Chance

Anna Taylor femmechakra at yahoo.ca
Sun May 3 02:35:15 UTC 2009

>From science we know that memes and genes play a significant role in determining our make up.  What they don't say is what our memes and genes know what we ourselves don't.  Think about how genes have existed without our awareness. Suggested by Gregor Mendel only in the year 1822, we literally had no idea of the basic biology of the gene.  Without our knowledge, generations of families where brought forth through genes that wanted to evolve, change or be produced.  Memes on the other hand are handed down through generations of information, everything we read, see, hear, smell and touch such as religious beliefs, war like attitude behaviour and/or the glamour delusions.  They are ideas that certain generations, cultures and/or races have brought forth to set minds with imitation beliefs.   At one point people believed that the earth was flat.  We now know it's not.  Why do we know?  We know because we have the means and knowledge today to set forth by
 trial and error and not repeat the same mistakes we once made.

I am curious about the why's that some memes and genes last while others simply disappear.  Do most believe that there may be some other alternative reasons as to why we exist or do most believe that we simply are in existence based on the chance that we where lucky enough to be born in the right place, with the right genes?  What memes do most want to be passed along to future generations?  How important is culture in a chosen society and what cultural traits would benefit societies?  There must be some basis of group selection that benefits the society at large?  

Just a few basic questions on my mind if anybody has any good links or ideas...

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