[ExI] libertarians and inheritance

Fred C. Moulton moulton at moulton.com
Mon May 4 00:16:20 UTC 2009

Someone made an editing change to the material quoted which gives an
impression that is not there is the original.  Of course I am sure this
was just a simple mistake and not a dishonest attempt to cast a false
impression about Rothbard in particular or libertarians in general.
Someone quoted:

>  The great 
> anarchistic "Mr. Libertarian", Murray Rothbard, joined with an 
> arch-fascist [LaRouche]...

The original in the URL cited is:
"The great anarchistic "Mr. Libertarian", Murray Rothbard, joined with
an arch-fascist; most state-level positions have been lost to the

Please note that there is no mention of or reference to LaRouche in the
entire sentence.  There is only one mention of LaRouche in the entire
article which is a brief mention of LaRouche taking over the Chicago
Democrats.  And by pointing out the association of LaRouche with the
Democratic Party I am not trying to imply that Democrats as a whole are
affiliated with LaRouche.  LaRouche and followers are just parasites
that latched on to the Democrats as an unwilling host.  And to state
what I expect is already known to most people on this list the LaRouche
group hates libertarians.  And libertarians despise and loath LaRouche
and followers.

Much of the article appears to be bit of rant about the Libertarian
Party.  As we all should know if one is interested in libertarianism one
should not waste time looking at the Libertarian Party.

And then the author of the rant includes this:
"The first Randians I ran into decided I wasn't good material for their
cause on account of my habit of winding up dead drunk in the gutter in
strange towns on weekends."

Now I could make a snarky reply about how I (and I expect many others
here) also was not born to wealth but that I never had a habit of
winding up drunk in the gutter in a strange town; instead I did spent
many weekends in work and study and this prepared me to be ready when
good fortune and the good will and assistance of others presented
itself.  But that reply while correct might cause us to miss a point
that I think is worth making so let me instead give the following reply:

There are people who have experienced misfortune or have other
difficulties.  That is why I urge people to donate to charitable causes.
I wrote a small piece about this in my blog a few months ago:

How about sometime during the month of May everyone on this list who is
able make a donation to a charity intended to assist those who need a
helping hand.  As I said in blog that now a lot of charities are hurting
so a this is a good month to give.


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