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At 06:08 AM 5/5/2009, Dan wrote:

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> > >>  In a post nanotech world death should be
> > rare indeed
> > >
> > >Yea but the clock is ticking. Will you or I make it in
> > time?
> >
> > If you are *not* signed up for cryonics, why not?
>Will cryonics even work?  And even if it does, it depends on 
>everything going right until you get revived.  If, say, the laws are 
>changed to completely confiscated all your funds and wealth after 
>legal death -- so that other, "wiser" people (i.e., those in the 
>political or corporate elites) decide where your wealth goes -- then 
>you might be left to rot.

Dan, the archives both here and Cryonet, are full of discussion on 
this topic.  Or you can start 
here:  http://www.alcor.org/AboutCryonics/index.html

There was a time when a considerable majority of extropians were 
signed up for cryonics, most of them with Alcor.  I doubt that is the 
case on this list, though I know some of you are.

This thread was a discussion of inheritance, which is a none issue in 
a post nanotech world.

As we who are signed up say, being frozen is the second worse thing 
that can happen to you.

If you have a better idea for getting into the deep future for people 
who are beyond current medical options, then please state it.


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