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Ray Kurzweil: A singular view of the future
06 May 2009 by Liz Else

Q: When will the Singularity arrive?

A: By 2045, give or take. We are already a hybrid of biological and
non-biological technology. A handful of people have electronic devices in
their brain, for example. The latest generation allows medical software to
be downloaded to a computer inside your brain. But if you consider that 25
years from now these technologies will be 100,000 times smaller and a
billion times more powerful, you get some idea of what will be feasible. And
even though most of us don't have computers in our bodies, they are already
part of who we are.

Q: What about people who don't want to be "trans-human" and merge with

A: How many people completely reject all medical and health technology,
don't wear glasses or take any medicine? People say they don't want to
change themselves, but then when they get a disease they will do whatever
they can to overcome it. We're not going to get from here to the world of
2030 or 2040 in one grand leap; we're going to get there through thousands
of little steps. Put these steps together and ultimately the world is a
different place.
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