[ExI] anti-capitalist propaganda, was: retrainability of plebeians

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Wed May 6 21:35:42 UTC 2009

> And how do you pay for that health care -- pocket, or insurance?  Is the
> insurance through a large employer, or individual?  If individual, did
> you have "pre-existing conditions"?

I purchase my own insurance... Blue Cross.   There is a deductable and there is
copay. Individual insurance.  Yes, I have had pre-existing condition and it was
waived when I went to Blue Cross from Mutual of Omaha which withdrew from my state.

> The system works okay once you're in it, and assuming the companies
> can't find a way out of paying for you.  Where the US falls down is
> getting people into the system.

I guess I've had about 4 different individual insurance policy providers.

> Except, wait!  We have a crude form of socialized insurance: not
> Medicaid, ultimate, but emergency rooms -- they have to take you in!  Of
> course, treating emergencies is expensive and relatively ineffective
> (compared to preventive care), and the unfunded mandate means ERs are
> closing.  Great insurance or deep pockets won't help you in a trauma if
> the nearest ER is more than your untreated life expectancy away.

I've only been once to an ER and that was many many years ago (in the 1960s) when we
had a big corporation carrying the insurance.

> If you want to fend off universal health care, convince your fellow
> Americans that poor sick people -- including children -- should be
> left alone to die, helped only by private charity or crushing debt.

My friend who used the VA system ran into trouble with this.  The VA said they
wouldn't accept him unless he were brought by ambulance. Ambulance wouldn't take him
unless the VA would accept him. Eventually the family lied and the ambulance took
him and left him on the step of the VA ER and he was taken in, so I guess it was all
bark and no bite.

This was years ago and he is now dead so I cannot unscramble the whole story.


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