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Thu May 7 01:58:18 UTC 2009

The key to this recession is the destruction of debt, and the de valuing of the dollar.  Neither has taken place and will not happen until years from now. The Stock market is in a bear rally that has lasted 40 days since the lows of March 6, where it closed at 666 strange number don't you think.  Since we have gone 40 days since then, March 6, this is either a bull market or we are setting a record run for price and speed of a bear market rally.
If we have turned the corner, the recession has ended and the world will be saved, if this is a bear market and the recession has not ended look for the market to test the lows of March 6 within the next few months,,,  If the market turns south in the next ten days you will be in a recession until 2010 maybe 2011.

In a casino the line spoken to the players " is place you bets,  please",  and since gas here in Chicago has gone up to 2.50 a gallon, I think the recession is still with us and will be until 2011. 

One last thought, I hope I am wrong because 

if you have a job you are in a recession, if you are without a job it is called a Depression at the dinner table , and right now a group of people are feeling the pain of this period. Speak quietly of them, as they have the ability to  become a crowd, then a mob, then you are in a regime change is in order

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