[ExI] intolerant minds, a different flavor

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Thu May 7 08:09:11 UTC 2009

On 5/7/09, Lee Corbin wrote:
>  Honestly, there is something quite humorous about
>  a modern society where someone says "X", and the
>  response is quick inhalation by everyone, the
>  police are called, and immediately cart off the
>  offender. Why? "Oh, because he said X!".
>  Didn't arresting people for their beliefs and for
>  their statements go out with the coming of the
>  enlightenment? I can say that nothing I've ever
>  seen on this list surprises me as much as your
>  attitude, and of those that you (bravely) speak
>  for.

The range of 'free speech' is very wide.

Some just makes you obnoxious. A very small selection will get you arrested.

The noisy neighbor problem is just his 'free speech', but it reduces
your quality of life. I would certainly call that aggression. And in
most jurisdictions you can take legal action to restrict his behavior.

If you try to board a plane while making jokes about bombs and
terrorists, you will be arrested. If you board a plane and look
Arabic, look nervous and chat in a foreign language on a mobile phone,
you might well be arrested after complaints from other passengers.

If you demand your 'rights' while being questioned by police after a
traffic stop, you are likely to be arrested for further investigation.

What is theoretically your 'right' has to be restricted by the
pressure of living with other people. In many cases, just walking out
the room will be sufficient, when someone starts loudly proclaiming
strange opinions. Leave them to the company of their own beliefs.

But social behavior laws are made to attempt to raise the security and
quality of life of society. If you want anarchy and the right to
behave exactly as you please, then you have to find a society that
agrees with you. If you remain in a society with different rules, then
you will get into trouble for breaking the rules. That's life.


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