[ExI] Friedman and negative income tax

spike spike66 at att.net
Thu May 7 21:06:30 UTC 2009


> Dan, aspiring free loader wrote:  ... 
> I believe this partly accounts for the usual polical divide 
> between the species of fascists in America -- dubbed 
> "liberals" (a misnomer, since the term original meant 
> something very close to libertarian) and "conservatives."  
> ...

The term conservative *is now becoming* something very close to libertarian.
Isn't that interesting how the cycle goes?  Dan, thanks for a good post,
very thought provoking.

We may get hung up on the liberal or conservative approach to things like
drug legality, abortion legality, gun ownership restrictions, etc, when
really all that stuff fades to meaningless in comparison to the really
really big divide that is developing between US political right and left
recently: how much government should be spending.  Compared to the spending,
none of that other stuff really matters.  Rather, gun ownership does matter,
for without that right, we will not have the rest of them.


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