[ExI] intolerant minds, a different flavor.

samantha sjatkins at mac.com
Fri May 8 17:34:44 UTC 2009

Damien Broderick wrote:
> At 12:23 PM 5/8/2009 -0400, JKC wrote:
>> Lee wrote:
>>>> behavior is one thing. The mere voicing of ideas another.
>> Damien wrote:
>>> The core problem in this dispute seems to be your (and some others')
>>> adherence to this claim.
>> The obvious objective way to distinguish between the two is to say that
>> voicing an idea is anything that can be sent over a wire and behavior is
>> everything else.
> Ah, so the wartime radio and public speeches of Churchill and Hitler 
> were voicings of ideas, and the globe-altering intentional consequences 
> of those speeches was behavior--utterly different?

What is the point of this quibble?  Advocacy of ideas is behavior.  But 
there is still a difference from advocacy and acting on what one 
advocates reasonably consistently.  "Talking the talk" versus "walking 
the walk".  If one is strongly in the business of creating and 
dispensing memes then the line blurs a little.   But there is many a 
memeset dispenser in the world who does not live by what s/he preaches.

- samantha

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