[ExI] libertarians and inheritance

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Fri May 8 18:15:13 UTC 2009

Il 08/05/2009 19.28, Damien Broderick ha scritto:

> That's one, apocalyptic picture;

There is more.
If you red Rothbard, "Man, Economy and State", you could note a very 
interesting, but I suppose very underrated, statement. I suppose it is 
so underrated because it is a shared belief in economics.
In a complex economy people must specialize is a limited set of jobs (no 
one is able to do all with the same skill level) to produce and sell the 
requested goods and services so they can be sold in exchange of money 
that can be used to buy other goods and services needed.

Now, with nanotopia, people could become skilled in many task, maybe in 
all tasks all at the best level. You could produce anything and you 
would not need anyone do produce them. There is no more need to 
cooperate with others. So others lose their usefulness. They are not 
useful as slaves and they are not useful as thinkers. The only things 
useful are their resources.

> My own behavior is irrelevant; all I did was poke the end of a burnt
> stick into what I saw as a seeping hole in the libertarian claim that
> free loot is dreadfully bad for the character--well, unless you have a
> well-to-do daddy (especially if you're a libertarian trustafarian).

Free lunches are damaging for the receiving end in the long runs 
(usually even in the short ones). But there is no need to ban gifts or 
inheritances as the receiving people can always refuse them.
The problem is the damage received by people forced to pay for the 
entitlements of others.


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