[ExI] anti-capitalist propaganda

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sat May 9 19:00:59 UTC 2009

On Sat, May 9, 2009 at 6:49 PM, Damien Broderick wrote:
> THE wealth is the wealth created by all the productive forces of the
> community. As everyone knows, in recent years an increasing proportion of
> this wealth has been funneled into the richest segments of (so-called)
> capitalist nations. Some of this upward drainage is due to unmitigated theft
> and scams on a colossal scale, pyramid schemes and other depredations. Some
> might be deserved, as brilliant and risky entrepreneurship increased wealth
> and convenience and lifespan etc for the entire community, and Atlas
> deserves his payment. Nevertheless, it can be argued that a disproportionate
> cut has been scooped up by the richest, and that this is not only morally
> dubious *but damages future wealth-making processes*--by, for example, as we
> are seeing, leading to a clusterfuck of such enormous dimension that 539,000
> jobs disappeared last month in the US, and nearly 6 million in less than a
> year and a half.
> I'd have thought that good capitalists would *want* to see as many citizens
> as possible creating and sharing in the wealth of their community. If
> shunting more and more into the pockets of the wealthiest plutocrats
> actually *despoils* the productivity of the community, throwing millions out
> of work, it might be rather a good idea to find ways to have the
> communally-produced wealth spread around again. Hostile rhetoric about
> "welfare queens" can deafen us to this call to a return to real functioning
> capitalism. Yes, there are spongers and petty criminals, but it seems to me
> extremely unlikely that Obama was appealing to them in his invocation of
> traditional American values of fairness and community.

The depression hasn't got bad enough yet.

The bankers have taken over the Fed and are running the country for
the benefit of their banking friends and ex-colleagues. Mainly because
they have huge wealth invested in these big banks, so protecting the
banks is also protecting their own wealth. The big banks continue to
use financial trickery to hide their bankruptcy and keep everything
going on as normal. Big salaries, big bonuses, unlimited expenses,
The small banks are getting closed down or taken over by bigger banks.
No protection for them.

Unemployment will continue to grow at around 500,000 per month as
business continues to shrink.

How long can it continue?

If the government keeps handing more and more fake money over to the
big banks, they can keep the zombie banks staggering on for years
while the economy collapses around them.

Eventually the death and renewal force of capitalism will take effect.
The broken companies must be torn down and new companies started up.
But the longer it is postponed the worse the depression will become.


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