[ExI] libertarians and inheritance

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Mon May 11 16:19:56 UTC 2009

On 5/11/09, dan_ustwrote:
>  *  Also, there's the curious but usually unnoticed phenomenon of big firms
> calling for regulations.  Why is this?  It seems to me this is often to create
> regulatory hurdles that smaller competitors will find it harder to leap over.
> E.g., recently in the US Walmart voiced its support for raising the minimum wage.
> Does anyone honestly believe Walmart did so because it was feeling
> particularly altruistic (even if altruistic with federal power)?  No, it seems to
> have been a good public relations move, but even more a great move to
> shake off competition from smaller firms who will find it much more difficult
> to pay their works more.  In other words, Walmart is willing to harm itself --
> absorbing higher wage money costs -- as along as this harm is much more
> serious to its competition.

Just a point of correction here, as somebody, it might have been you,
:) has quoted this before.

This comment is back to front. I doubt very much that Walmart is
worried about smaller competitors. As you should know, the usual
effect of a Walmart store arriving in town is to close down all the
small shopkeepers.

Walmart supports increasing the minimum wage because many of its
customers are minimum wage earners, so they would have a little more
money to spend in Walmart.


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