[ExI] The Circle of Coercion

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Tue May 12 18:12:51 UTC 2009

Il 12/05/2009 7.18, Damien Sullivan ha scritto:

> But these problems are true of property rights as well.  I didn't
> consent to be born into a world where I inherit no wealth and Paris
> Hilton inherits $100s of millions.

Sue your parents. They brought you in this world.

> Why should I respect her claim to
> more than a fair share of the Earth's resources?

1) Because she have more power than you, so if you don't respect her, 
she will not respect you
2) Because you value the possibility to collaborate with her in future
3) Because not respecting her properties would adversely effect your 
ability to collaborate with others.

> Or the claim of the Sultan of Brunei?
 > And why, in turn, should someone without even access
> to clean water, respect my modest life, let alone that of the
> egregiously wealthy?

The respect for others rise from their perceived value:
1) You respect them because they are dangerous to you if you attack them
2) You respect them because you value their collaboration with you now 
or in future
3) You respect them because you would be valued more and considered not 
dangerous from others.

But, if you continue to believe differently, I suppose you have nothing 
against people that don't respect the claims of Saudis and Iranians 
about their oil (their share of oil is too high, we have the same right 
like them to the oil of the world).
And, for sure, Norwegian have the right to invade Senegal to take their 
fair share of sunny sea and beaches. In exchange, the senegalese could 
take their fair share of frozen seas and beaches.

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