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> retrainability of plebeians
> On Thu, May 14, 2009 at 11:32 PM, spike <spike66 at att.net> wrote:
> ...
> > I was joking too Jeff.  I was swinging on your vine there.
> That famous driest of dry wit...

Ja, I utterly reject wet wit.

> That govt is best which governs least.  Huzzah!

You and I agree totally on ideals, disagree widely only on tactics.

> ...
> > The newest warfare paradigms are a logical extrapolation: 
> one carries 
> > the weapons aboard a drone...
> Dream on my brother.  At the moment this seems like a good 
> idea, since the current drone "phenomenon" is entirely ours, 
> and is flying over nowheresville shooting at rebellious 
> Muslim subhumans...

Language please Jeff.  We can't be accused of racism.  They are rebellious
life forms of no particular religion, creed or sect, fighting for no known
or discernible reason.

>  What happens when these little planes are 
> flying over ***your*** neighborhood?

Move elsewhere?

> But, returning ever so briefly to the Af-Pak war,... The hunt 
> for Bin Laden, having failed utterly, has been replaced by a 
> boundless Global
> War on Terror...

We have eliminated terror with a mere stroke of a pen.  It is now boundless
global war on human-caused disaster.

> with its equally boundless profit potential.   The
> catastrophic prospect of peace, which loomed menacingly after 
> the fall of the Soviet boogieman has been swept away...

Hey the commies are looking to rise again.

> replaced by the militarist's fondest dream: perpetual global 
> war, starting with a war against forty million Pashtuns ie, 
> the Taliban and its parent tribe...

Jeff!  You have identified this unknown enemy!  Report your findings
immediately to the DoD, for they have so far discovered no reliable means of
discerning the adversary.

> The Taliban were never our enemy, the Pastun were never our 
> enemy.  So why are we fighting them?...

We are not fighting *them* but rather only a tiny minority of no particular
religion, creed or sect hiding among them, which have the fondest hope and
clearly stated goal of eliminating and destroying the western civilization
and sabotaging it's miserable house by their hands and the hands of the
believers in no particular religion, creed or sect so that it is eliminated
and no particular deity's no specific religion is made victorious over all
other no particular religions.  

> ...
> I thought of this first, many many years ago.  Soldiers are 
> innocents, it is their overlords who deserve to be blown up...

Regardless of who deserves to be blown up, it is completely unnecessary.
Let em be.  Without the engines of war, they are harmless as kittens.
Rather, this is an understatement.  A peculiar habit of the tiny minority
hiding among those of no particular religion is that they stress an
"education" that has little as possible to do with science and technology.
They encourage the females to eschew education all together (by throwing
acid on their faces for instance), whereas the males are given an
"education" that appears mostly filled with memorization of no particular
holy book.  Eventually they figure out that it is hopeless to fight the
unbelievers in no particular religion without advanced technology, so they
take up science, and if so, they inevitably become unbelievers themselves.
Science is fundamendally incompatible with the beliefs of the dangerous tiny
minority.  Problem solved.


> ...That little missile -- not big enough for a tank -- 
> with your name on it, will still be aimed at the humans in 
> the machine, and their death will be sought and celebrated.  
> Imagining otherwise constitutes the deepest of deep denial...

Recall that the death or injury of any members of the tiny minority are used
as recruitment propaganda for the tiny minority and is unnecessary to the
unbelievers.  So take that away.  Hit the tank after it stops and the tiny
minority are taking a break outside.  It is indeed possible to take out the
best modern tank with a small missile Jeff, I can assure you.  
> Your heart's in the right place, but your head's,... not. ;-)
> > What you already own is irrelevant to the government for  
> that isn't 
> >taxable.
> > Only what you make is what the government can tax.
> Taxation, unlike say, gravity, is not subject to some 
> immutable law, but rather man made and man modifiable: make 
> it taxable.  In fact eliminate all other taxes -- all, as in 
> ALL -- and have one flat tax based on net worth, or, as 
> another list member suggested, a financial transaction tax, 
> you know, like a sales tax on everything, but particularly to 
> include investment transactions: stocks, bonds, and the like...

It is I whose head is...not?  Jeff you do realize of course that to do this
sort of thing requires 2/3 of the senate to agree?  That this very seldom
happens is very close to some immutable law of nature.

>  > The  rich already pay the whole damn bill, if you define 
> rich the way the
> > government does.
> And when they get through paying, they're still rich, not 
> jobless and homeless...

By all means let us get 2/3 of the senate to agree to make those evil rich
jobless and homeless.

I will make a prediction here that I wish everyone here to note.  Some time
in the next three years, some government official, perhaps Tim Geither or
Rahm Emanuel or one of the other tax... ahem, payers, will utter the term
"wealth tax."  If this term is merely spoken by any government official,
simply uttered in casual conversation, even as a clue to a crossword puzzle
or a possible play on the scabble board, the price of gold will suddenly
jump, the price of a lot of stuff will suddenly increase, the value of real
estate will suddenly drop, by a startling percentage.  The right guard will
do whatever it is that they do, the lock-and-load crowd will... I suppose
lock and load, and it will be a shock to the system.  A good crisis is
created by two simple words. 

> Go thee and sin no more.

Awww, you're no fun.  {8-]

> Hope good fortune smiles upon you and Shelli and the pod.
> Best, Jeff Davis

Yes thanks.  Quality of life has dramatically improved since I stepped off
that runaway treadmill contraption that so bedeviled George Jetson
(...Heeeelllllp Jaaaaane, stop this crazy thiiing!  Heeellllp, Jaaaaannne!)


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