[ExI] lock-and-load

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Fri May 15 23:10:34 UTC 2009

> Must try one of those gadgets some day, I hear they're heaps of fun.

You must experience going out into a desert landfill area filled with
abandoned cars/rusted out skeletons and then set up beer cans, glass
bottles, etc., on the hood on one, so you can blast away! lol  And you need
to bring an assortment of rifles and pistols to have the most fun (and so
everyone in the group brings their own private arsenals to mix and match).
But be sure you know your rounds are going to go into the side of the
landfill, and not into a stranger who wanders into your collective field of
fire.  Oh, and absolutely NO drinking!

I heard a story about Don Laughlin hosting a party at his resort and guests
were startled by the "BRAPPPP!" of a heavy machine gun.  It turned out to
be Don showing off his new toy...  Rich or poor, Americans love their guns.

John  : )
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