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Sun May 17 01:07:20 UTC 2009

From: "Damien Broderick" <thespike at satx.rr.com>
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> At 09:19 PM 5/16/2009 +0200, Mirco url'd:
> Another sly, tacky site designed to lure the innocent and ignorant to, for 
> example,
> http://www.americancivilrightsreview.com/jewwatch.htm
> ("Oh, no no no, this is not bigoted shit, this is *balanced 
> even-handedness*")

I have to give credit where credit is due, and when I showed this to my 
husband, here's what he said (he tends to be morbidly funny):

"Ironic that the section on Jewish atheism would include a link to American 
Atheists - enough to spin Madalyn in her grave, or at least spin her various 
parts." (said my hubby, Patrick Inniss)

Having followed Madalyn's escapades for a bit (and I've known many people 
who worked for her), I can tell you she was a big "Jew hater."  Although she 
tried to hide it as best as she could.  But not well enough, because she 
simply couldn't resist writing some articles that were tinged with the 
subject of "Holocaust-denial"  in her old magazine.  I had that issue 
kicking around somewhere for years, although I may no longer have it (it was 
from the 1980s sometime).


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