[ExI] Protected Elites

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Sun May 17 05:36:27 UTC 2009

> ...On Behalf Of Stathis Papaioannou
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> 2009/5/17 spike <spike66 at att.net>:
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> >> ...On Behalf Of Olga Bourlin
> >> ...I can tell you she was a big "Jew hater."  
> >> ... Olga
> >
> > Awwww damn.  This is a rare example of a piece of 
> information I wish I 
> > didn't know.
> But you're OK with her having been a communist and attempting 
> to defect to the Soviet Union?
> --
> Stathis Papaioannou

If she does both, sure I am fine with that.  The Soviets can have all our
commies if they want them, wouldn't hurt my feelings a bit.  Stathis, I have
no problem with communists, so long as everyone in that system is there
*voluntarily.*  If a group of people want to join a commune and do the whole
Marxist thing, fine with me.  What really creeps me about communism is the
whole iron curtain, Berlin wall thing.  If I lived in a country where they
wouldn't let me leave, and the government wanted to take from me according
to my ability, I sure as hell wouldn't invest much in my own ability.  It
would be a bad investment indeed.

I don't understand the term attempting.  Did she get there and they wouldn't
let her in?  Why?  Or she tried to leave here and the US wouldn't let her
out?  Why?


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