[ExI] Protected Elites

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Sun May 17 21:37:06 UTC 2009

At 12:59 PM 5/17/2009 -0700, Lee wrote:

>Mirco writes
>>>("Oh, no no no, this is not bigoted shit, this is *balanced
>>I was commenting of the graphics, not endorsing 
>>any other stuff in other pages or in the page.
>>>This Graph is © 1994, TheBell Curve, Simon and Schuster, Inc., p. 279
>That statement alone, without argument, is supposed
>to automatically discredit the information.

No, Lee. The statement


Another sly, tacky site designed to lure the 
innocent and ignorant to, for example,


is meant to provide a warning that anything on 
that site is liable to be loaded with vicious 
misrepresentations. Defensive cries of "Ad 
hominem!" carry little weight when some statement 
(perhaps by itself harmless) is quoted from, 
let's say (to take a more extreme example), The 
Aryan White Manhood League Of Christian Jew 
Watchers and Mud People Lynchers. Or do you 
consider that sort of due diligence too... irrationally discriminatory?

Btw, I wasn't accusing Mirco of being 
antisemitic, although I'm happy to hear his 
declaration otherwise; I was referring to the site.

Damien Broderick

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