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2009/5/18 spike <spike66 at att.net>:
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>> That said, my favorite music in the world is old hymn *tunes*
>> - a childhood remnant:
>> lying in my bed at night and listening to my older brother
>> play the piano downstairs. All was right with my world.
>> Comfort food for the mind/heart.
> Oy, how well I can relate to that sentiment.
>> But the theology? Yikes!
> What MB, you don't like the notion of some innocent person being brutally
> murdered for your sins?  I just can't understand why.
>> I like to sing solfege to those tunes. ;)

I grew up in a weak agnostic family (fence sitters), and became a
strong Atheist. Church music wasn't any part of my upbringing.

As an adult, I've learnt to sing, and it's been weird for me to
discover a love for, and become strongly involved in, church music.
It's great stuff! It turns out that, if you get the very best
musicians in the world to write your propaganda tunes for you, the
resulting canon is really extraordinary.

In the end, I can't throw this stuff away, just because of its
religious message. I figure, if it was all about Zeus, or Woden, it
wouldn't phase me (or likely any atheist) in the slightest. It's just
music inspired by the old legends.

When I'm in church in my professional capacity, I revel in the
singing, I speak all the bolded phrases in the order of service (which
does feel a bit weird, but it's politeness), and I don't take

Oddly enough, I think I like the hymns and so forth a lot more than
the faithful flock, who've heard them a thousand times before.


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