[ExI] the anti-Jews

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Mon May 18 01:47:05 UTC 2009

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> Heh.  Yes.  Pageantry.  All those candles, floor to ceiling paintings of 
> unknown
> holy men and women, saints whose names I did not know, the incense wafting
> everywhere, and the wonderful powerful singers singing in a strange and 
> unknown
> tongue. Wow!

It was a known language to me, but the messages never interested me. 
Blessings, praises, grovelings ...

> The old women in black were a bit discouraging though, all huddled up.

They creeped me out (especially when then knelt down and continually bonged 
their heads on the floor after crossing themselves, over and over again).

> I didn't realize the Orthodox church supported the Nazis too. :(

It's difficult to separate the church from the culture (and during the 
Bolshevik years, it was just as difficult to separate the Communist regime 
from the culture). I only recently started delving into this:


The not cultured,

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> MB
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