[ExI] Once again: Some vitamins don't help in large doses

Michael LaTorra mlatorra at gmail.com
Tue May 19 02:02:49 UTC 2009

Hi Max,
Yes, I have been angry and rude. I apologize. And, as you will see, I have
just responded to Dan's questions in detail.

My anger stems from having to deal with the same questions over and over,
like the hard-pressed biologists who are compelled to deal with the same
tired Creationist arguments against "Darwinism" year after year.

The evidence about supplements is out there. The studies are numerous, clear
and unambiguous.

So, having apologized, and having adduced plenty of evidence in support of
my position, I am resigning from this thread and going back to work.

If Dan or anyone else views this as a victory for their side, so be it. I've
said all I'm going to say on this topic in this forum for a long, long time
(but never say never ;).


On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 4:26 PM, Max More <max at maxmore.com> wrote:

> As a third party reading this exchange, I have to say that all the anger is
> coming from you, Mike, and not from Dan. You are being unreasonable and
> rude. Dan has been restrained and reasonable. You're the one using terms
> like "angry bilge" and "spew". Nor have you responded to Dan's perfectly
> sensible questions.
> Max
> Michael LaTorra wrote:
>> Hi Dan,
>> Why don't you do as you said and read the specifics of the research, then
>> get back to me?
>> Then we can discuss this.
>> The rest of your message is angry bilge that I stopped reading long before
>> you stopped spewing.
>> Regards,
>> Mike
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