[ExI] The Last Exorcism. Philosophies of earthly immortality

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For the people able to read italian

"L' ultimo esorcismo. Filosofie dell'immortalità terrena" is a book of
Andrea Vaccaro

> With advanced studies in genetic decoding, with the computerization
> of biology that penetrates the most intimate cellular dynamics, with
> nanomedical devices that promise repair at the atomic level in the
> human, the expectation that all causes of disease, and therefore
> death, will be overtaken has impose itself. Immortality on earth
> seems to become as inevitable, and not in the condition of old age
> more and more decrepit, but in an eternal, vital and energetic youth.
> To bear the news are the winners of Nobel laureates, heads of the
> most renowned research institutes, teachers of the most prestigious
> universities, scientists, computer scientists: the human being is
> "naturally" immortal. The new sciences propose for us a radical
> extension of life following a radical manipulation of man.
> Philosophers speak then of 'post-humanity', 'homo cyborg',
> 'techno-humanism'. The volume is to follow the theories, subjects and
> protagonists of this new epochal passage that touches the design
> itself and, consequently, also has repercussions on the theological
> or, more simply, our vision of religion.

Interestingly, there is a interview with the author published by 
Avvenire, the newspaper of CEI (the council of the Italian catholic 
bishops) and it appear H+ friendly.


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