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Il 22/05/2009 0.03, Lee Corbin ha scritto:
> Stefano writes
>> Admittedly, this is a sensitive issue. A libertarian would probably
>> have no many qualms in recognising the validity of such a contract. It
>> remains however debatable whether such agreements should be allowed,
>> as they would be most probably entered into under duress, let alone
>> enforced.

> A sensitive and difficult issue. Are many libertarians
> today ready to allow someone to knowingly and with full
> consent sign himself into slavery? My opinion: we're
> not ready for that yet; but someday, yes. In other
> words, IMO no libertarian group, no matter how select
> and on how small an island, should go ahead with something
> like that, at least for a generation or two.

The contract is void, because the matter of the contract is not under 
the control of the signer.
The signer would need to put himself in a position where he have no more 
free will (say he lobotomise himself). But until he retain he free will, 
he will not be able to sign away his freedom.

It is like signing a contract and agreeing to "be good".
People can not sell the future.


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