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Il 22/05/2009 13.22, Stathis Papaioannou ha scritto:

> The U.S. has “the least efficient health care system in the world,”

Efficent systems let much more people to die, as would be very 
inefficient to take care of them.

> said Kevin Schulman, director of the health management program at Duke
> University in Durham, North Carolina. “These costs keep growing
> despite the recession, and health care is going to shoot up as a
> percentage of our GDP even more. It’s just spooky.”

Costs growing despite recessions are the hallmark of lack of a feedback 
loops in the managements. Whom that spend money have not reasons to 
spend less of it and probably reasons to spend more of it.

The taxpayers have no way to control the cost/benefits of higher/lower 
spending on his health and healthcare. He pay but he don't spend. The 
politicians and the doctors spend.

As in Italy there is a national health system old decades, I can assure 
you that "costs keep growing" is a feature of the system, not a bug.

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