[ExI] Human Experimenting

Lee Corbin lcorbin at rawbw.com
Fri May 22 21:37:46 UTC 2009

Mirco writes

> Il 22/05/2009 0.03, Lee Corbin ha scritto:
>> Are many libertarians
>> today ready to allow someone to knowingly and with full
>> consent sign himself into slavery? My opinion: we're
>> not ready for that yet; but someday, yes. In other
>> words, IMO no libertarian group, no matter how select
>> and on how small an island, should go ahead with something
>> like that, at least for a generation or two.
> The contract is void, because the matter
 > of the contract is not under
> the control of the signer.

An interesting idea.

> The signer would need to put himself
 > in a position where he [has] no more
> free will (say he lobotomizes himself).
 > But [so long as he retains his] free will,
> he will not be able to sign away his freedom.

It sounds to me like your problem with
this is the *scope* of the signing, i.e.,
the range of conduct of the subject (the
signer). For small ranges, e.g., "I will
promise to return the goods Tuesday", a
contract is okay for you, but "I will
do everything you say for N years" is not.

Have I understood correctly?


> It is like signing a contract and agreeing to "be good".
> People can not sell the future.
> Mirco

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