[ExI] Christian sexuality website

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Sun May 24 13:39:59 UTC 2009

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	Subject: Re: [ExI] Christian sexuality website
	>it might not be a parody, it might very well be an out-there DIY
mindset, so prevalent that the self-parody is obvious enough to make the
site in question redundantly parodistic-- no point.
	>> I'm just not sure as to whether it is a parody or not...

I can assure you the Christian sexuality site is parody, and very well done
at that, since it isn't immediately clear.  There was another religion
parody that made the rounds here a couple years ago that was even better.  I
was fooled by it until I read it carefully, spent about an hour studying it,
before I realized it was a gag.  It was about two Baptist churches that were
battling each other.  The brilliance was that they had all the theological
terminology correct, even using it correctly, to make an overall point that
was absurd.  It was clear whoever wrote it had some formal training in the



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