[ExI] "meat"

Max More max at maxmore.com
Sun May 24 20:15:12 UTC 2009

> >Surely it would be appropriate to say: "I have to leave for work
> >early today to pick up the mini-meat from school."
>If you say so. Try not to say it in the hearing of any teachers or
>parental units.

That was a Mike Myers-inspired joke that I think you missed.

Although your first response to the use of "meat" seemed rather 
vehement, I do agree with you that it's sensible to avoid using the 
term. It is literally incorrect (unlike "flesh"), and it does imply 
an intrinsic dislike or disgust for the flesh. I neither 
(intrinsically) love nor despise my flesh body. I see as a bit like a 
computer operating system -- when it's working well, I marvel at it. 
When it's making my life miserable, I'm much less fond of it and look 
forward to a debugged version.


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