[ExI] Beating the "meat" (was Re: "meat")

Max More max at maxmore.com
Mon May 25 05:05:27 UTC 2009

Emlyn wrote:

>I know it turns off "outsiders", but equally it's a signal to those 
>who "get" the transhuman meme. I think that at the core of the 
>impulse to techno-utopianism, transhumanism, technophilia, is an 
>immense frustration with the particular form our embodiment takes. 
>While in many ways it's marvellous (self repairing, self regulating, 
>complex beyond our current understanding), it's also an 
>inappropriate form for a general intelligence. It's not readily 
>upgradeable, you can't easily do repairs, it has no administration 
>interface. It's not modular, it's not compatible with anything, it's 
>not extendable.

'ere, mate, *your* meat may not be extendable, but mine bloody well is.


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