[ExI] Google has incorporated Wolfram Alpha search results

Alejandro Dubrovsky alito at organicrobot.com
Mon May 25 10:00:00 UTC 2009

On Sun, 2009-05-24 at 21:45 +0100, ben wrote:
> Alejandro Dubrovsky <alito at organicrobot.com>  declared:
>  >(Try creating a search engine that just returns Google's results without
>  >coming to an arrangement with Google, and see how long it keeps
>  >working).
> Er, you mean like Scroogle?
> (Waits for Scroogle to stop working)
That should not exist.  I demand its non-existance.  Unless, of course,
Google is letting one through as 
a) a source of search terms that people consider privacy-sensitive
b) a way to avoid bad publicity if they were to stop it
c) a service to the more-privately-conscious part of the community

(and that makes up for a quarter million searches a day!?  That's
serious ad-money)

For better evidence:
Try creating a search engine that just retuns Google's results AND makes
money without coming to an arrangement with Google ...

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