[ExI] "meat"

Jeff Davis jrd1415 at gmail.com
Mon May 25 21:43:28 UTC 2009

I approve of the use of the term meat.  The objections raised seem to
me mountain/molehill.  Where's the beef? ;-)

I like "meat" for its in-your-face repudiation of mysticism, vitalism,
and all the other forms of spiritually-conjured and group-think
sustained goo goo ga ga religious fantasy irrationalism.  The meme
pool is currently so dominated by this destructive nonsense, that the
adoption and vigorous promulgation of the "meat" usage is much to be
desired counterpoint on the path to liberating humanity from the
memetic toxicity of legacy mysticism.

Mix and squeeze some star dirt and you get some animate slime.  Let
that percolate and you get meat.  Let that take its course and you get
meat-mediated consciousness, persona, and finally self-awareness.
Dirt, slime, meat, persona, homo erectile.  No god, no soul, no magic,
no heaven, no hell, no escape.  Get over it.  You can't beat the meat.

Actually, I should have written: "...no escape, except through science."

Meat has its diversities, its virtues, and its limitations.  Who'll
deny there's room for improvement.?

Enhance me.

Best, Jeff Davis

     "Science works, religion doesn't."
                       Berni Chong

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