[ExI] Myostatin-inhibitor patron

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Tue May 26 20:00:45 UTC 2009

On 5/26/09, Bryan Bishop wrote:
> Sorry, no current estimate. I like to cut corners when it comes to
>  buying and building lab equipment, so estimations are hard to do.
>  Yesterday, I was talking with a fellow who told me that this project
>  would cost millions of dollars (I couldn't stop laughing). In the case
>  of academic labs, you have to hire graduate students, maybe some
>  undergrads, a post-doc or doctorate student, write lots of grants,
>  have your accountant etc., etc., lab fees, material fees, etc. I can
>  imagine the costs adding up very quickly in that sort of environment.
>  So, in the design of an animal-testing experiment (which I think comes
>  much later), there definitely would be a control group and a study
>  group, but not only that but multiple batches. I'll need to go review
>  my statistics to figure out where exactly I should draw the line as to
>  how many batches or how many different critters I should be raising to
>  get a reasonable idea, but basically I really would like to find a
>  correlation without sidestepping the statistics.

To be blunt:

If you don't have all the legally required animal testing licenses,
premises inspections, animal care permits, etc. then what you are
doing is torturing animals for a hobby.

Tell your story to a lawyer first.


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