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Tue May 26 23:50:12 UTC 2009

2009/5/27 ben <benboc at lineone.net>:
> This is just one of what i'm sure could be many such hacks to the current
> human body.  Spike asked me to consider posting it to the list, and I
> thought it's likely that other people have come up with things they'd like
> to see.  So: Any other ideas?  I'm thinking in terms of reasonably simple
> modifications that don't involve any speculative technology (terahertz
> vision, chimp muscles, bird lungs, etc. - nice ideas, but we don't know
> to do them yet), but well defined, achievable mods that are a step beyond
> what we do now (titanium hip joints, etc.), that are still grounded in
> proven technology.

I'd love a way to breathe in that bypassed my throat. Do you think it would
be possible to put a one-way valve into the chest or back (air goes in but
not out), with a controllable powered pump, that would allow you to inflate
your lungs independent of anything above the trachea, inclusive?

It'd be spectacular for singing and playing wind instruments. Might also
rock for scuba, etc?

You'd need some fine grained control of the pump speed.


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