[ExI] "Language gene" alters mouse squeaks

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Fri May 29 03:42:35 UTC 2009

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	Subject: [ExI] "Language gene" alters mouse squeaks
	>Mice car-ry-ing a "hu-man-ized" ver-sion of a gene be-lieved to
in-flu-ence speech and lan-guage may not ac-tu-ally talk, but none-the-less
have a lot to say about our ev-o-lu-tion-ary past, a new study suggests.
	>Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

How many among us (older than about 45) were able to read the above sentence
without envisioning that last scene in the original version of The Fly?

...heeeeellllp meeeee...heeeelllllp meeeee...

Honestly now, did not that scene completely freak your ass outwardly?  Did
mine.  {8^D



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