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> ...On Behalf Of Bryan Bishop
> Calorie restriction is still in doubt for humans and at least 
> one recent paper has refuted its beneficial effect.  Though 
> there are people trying it and studying it...
> - Bryan

Bryan, this is one of those questions for which it is crazy difficult to get
useful data.  There are studies which take the age, height, and weight of
the corpses that come into the mortuary, this being data that is unambiguous
and easy to get.  These studies probably misled the medical community and
certainly the news media, for they did not (and cannot) filter those who
perished of cancers or other wasting diseases.  These cancer patients
perished early, which skews the averages.  It mixes in a number of early
diers whose BMI was very low *at the end of life* but were likely much
higher earlier.  The mortuary does not know the weight history of the

It's too bad we have no easy way to get at that information.  Can anyone
think of a way?  Driver's license data?  Medical histories?

At Extro4, Roy Walford told me that there is exactly zero doubt in the
geriatrics community that CR is beneficial for health.  It would be
interesting to go to a geriatrics community chat group and ask there if is
anyone seriously challenging CR in the geriatrics field today.



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