[ExI] Iran's plan for their gay population

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Sun May 31 05:38:23 UTC 2009

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	>..."Iranian-born herself, the New York-based filmmaker learned that
in Iran, homosexuality is a crime punishable by death...

She was shocked, SHOCKED! to learn of this obscure law.

 	>...But the government has provided a way out for the nation's gays
and lesbians: a sex-change operation...

This will open a can of worms they will wish they hadn't opened.  Can the
medics really take a lesbian and surgically create a man?  I ha' me doots.

 	>...Fully paid for by the state, the procedure would allow these
people to conform to Iran's theocratic standards of sexuality."

Wouldn't it be far cheaper to just buy them a one way ticket to the US?

	>..."Her point was that there are rules and rules are there to help

This noose is here to helllllp you.

 	>...If you start cross-dressing before your operation, you bring the
problems with the police upon yourself...

The can of worms cracks open here.  There are a series of operations that
take some time.  I am no expert on this, but we have experts on this forum.
At what point do the patients begin to dress as the other gender?  What does
Iran do with those born ambiguously gendered?

 	>...Iran and the Christian Right have so much in common -it's just
surprising that they're not better friends."

Iran and the American Left have so much in opposition, it surprises me that
they are not more bitter enemies.  It really is so puzzling.  Seems to me
those guys have it backwards.

	>...But I will point out that the Christian Right would be horrified
to deal with homosexuality by advocating a sex change procedure.  They would
see that as defying God's will...

I would like to ask both groups what is god's will for the Klinefelter
syndrome patients.  Does the theocracy just pretend such people do not
exist?  How are they to dress?

	>I find it grimly fascinating that Iran's clerics consider such an
option viable.  


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