[ExI] Big G-Wave coming?

Eschatoon Magic eschatoon at gmail.com
Sun May 31 18:24:24 UTC 2009


I am one of the many who went to watch the presentation of Google Wave
on Youtube immediately after reading the TechCrunch article.

Google Wave could be a Big paradigm shift, and change the way we use
the Web. Email, chat, discussion groups, wiki, IRC, blogs, microblogs,
social network and groupware all in one. Of course I have signed up as
a user and developer, but so has everybody and I don’t hold my breath
to receive an invitation soon. Wave may be a Facebook killer and a new
Twitter much more integrated with the rest of the Web. Email and IM
are obsolete, we will spend our online life in front of a Wave screen.
Instead of sending email, IM and tweets, writing blogs and logging on
Facebook, we will plug in dynamic and interconnected Waves. It is
impossible to explain Wave in a few words, I recommend to watch the 80
min video. Of the many features of Wave, those I found most
interesting are its support for fast and easy co-surfing and
collaborative editing of documents, real killer apps. The presentation
demonstrates how you can show things to a remote friends on Google
Maps—by the way Wave was develoepd by the same team which developed
Google Maps.

Wave is a multi-level thing, an application run by Google, an open
source platform (other operators can develop plugins for Wave or run
their own Wave instance) and a protocol (interconnection and
interoperability of Waves).

gives a little sneak preview of how we, in the coming decades, will
evolve transhuman. At one point, artificial intelligence now used to
choose which ads to display on your homepage, will be applied to the
bigger picture and that is the point where we actually will create
something bigger than ourselves. Where the cloud comes more powerful
than the crowd. Because, if you didn’t realize this yet… Google. Is.
Skynet.”. As a transhumanist, I really look forward to trying Wave.
Transhumanism , a sparse and global social movement, required the Web
as an essential enabler to bloom, and I wonder how we will use this
new powerful communication platform.

By enabling us to do things much faster the Web, the new Web 2.0 (is
Wave the first example of Web 3.0?) and the mobile Web wake emergent
properties of our collective consciousness. We could send snailmail
letters hundreds of years ago, but we could not build a new global
social movement in a matter of days. Wave may permit doing things even
much faster and achieve a critical mass to enable new emergent waves
in our developing noosphere.

Eschatoon Magic
aka Giulio Prisco

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