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Tue Nov 3 05:07:57 UTC 2009

Mitochondria have their own DNA.  This has led me to speculate that way back
in the old days when life was all single cell, the mitochondria were a
separate species that infiltrated some larger cells.  The two species
somehow formed a mutually beneficial relationship with the mitochondria
losing their defensive and motor mechanisms.  The larger cells feed the
mitochondria sugars, they metabolize it into ATP and give it back, together
they made supercells, which were eventually able to join with other
supercells to form really cool lifeforms.  I need to study up on this; it
might already be well understood.
This commentary on roaches' relationship with their internal blattabacteria
reminded me of that line of thinking.
Most of the time when we think of animals, we imagine mammals, but when you
really look, you realize that mammals are all pretty much the same thing.
If you dissect any number of different examples, you find pretty much
analogous organs in pretty analogous places.  It doesn't require a dozen
different degrees to be a veteranarian.  
Bugs are sooo cool.  They seem to have so much more diversity.  To bugs we
must all look pretty much alike.
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