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spike spike66 at att.net
Tue Nov 10 05:15:12 UTC 2009

This is about the best report on global climate change I have seen.  No
apparent bias, no obvious alarmism, no interest in the question of natural
vs anthro.  Looks like real science to me.
One of the things I have thought for a long time that this confirms is that
about half the areas on earth should benefit.  Most of the climate change
screechers warn that the deserts would get drier and the swamps would get
wetter.  But how, I wondered, would the clouds know which type of land they
were floating above, when they had to go?  Why would the changes necessarily
tend toward the extremes?  I reasoned that about half the dry areas should
get wetter and about half the wet areas drier.
This NOAA report shows the Sahara Desert received quite a bit more rain, and
easter Asia less.
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