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Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Thu Nov 12 01:13:50 UTC 2009

BillK ha scritto:

> I think you'll find that all government pension schemes already work
> like this. It's not a new idea.

Ponzi knew it, so it is not new.

> In the UK every employee and their employer pays a contribution into
> the government old age pension scheme.

This is the same in Italy until a few years ago.
Then they changed only the way to compute the pension in a more 
realistic way and kicked the can ten years down the road.
I would prefer a Chilean Scheme, where every worker have his personal 
account that is managed by a management society of his choice, he can 
change it as he wish and if something is left after his death it go to 
the heirs.

> The problem now facing the UK
> (and shortly the US) is that the government noticed that the
> contributions it was collecting were more than required to pay the
> state pensions. So it said 'Goody' and spent the excess contributions.

Same here. Apparently it is not something unique.
I see a trend. Maybe politicians (and unions) find more useful, for 
themselves, to spend now the [someone else's] money, instead to preserve 
it. Obviously they never asked for the permission to the single workers.

> Unfortunately the UK has an aging population and there are now too
> many old people saying 'Where's my pension?' So the old folk are
> relying on the young people's contributions to pay their state
> pensions and there aren't enough young people nowadays.

We in Italy did it from starting. So we are ahead of the curve.
The people of my age and yourger undestand perfectly that they will have 
ridiculous pensions, if any. At best, our pensions will be at 
subsistence level, the same that people that never paid anything will 

> The European problem now is how to square this circle.

Let rule out large part of the immigrants, that are a net loss for the 
coffer of the governments.
My best bet are in longevity research to succeed.
The second is a war (kidding, but not much).

> Postponing the pension age from 65 to 70 is a temporary fix.
> But there are still big problems.

The real problem is no one want be the one that will scrap the pension 
scheme and take the blame. Like no one would kick off a psychiatrist 
from the Army. So we will wait until the pension scheme will go broke 5 
or ten years down the road.

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