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> > But group selection has recently gained two powerful champions...
> ...discussion of how un-egalitarian various 
> hunter-gatherers were with respect to the most important 
> resource of all, women...  Keith

As usual, Keith offers a thought-provoking and profound commentary, and many
thanks for that.

Friends what is missing here in all this evolution discussion is becoming
more glaringly apparent with each post: mathematics.  Reading Darwin and
comparing to modern evolutionary theory, I can see we are making *some*
progress in understanding, but not really so impressive for 150 years.  To
advance from here, we need computer models, and to create computer models we
need to somehow apply the powerful tools of mathematics, particularly the
fields of calculus of variation, feedback control theory and differential
equations to evolution science.

But I don't know how to do it.  {8-[


I can do mathematical modeling of any kind of dynamic mechanical system one
wishes to name, but as soon as we introduce lifeforms with sentient behavior
patterns, I am lost.  Now I am convinced we can make little further
significant progress without our mathematical toolkit.  Heeeellllp Mister



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