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		Sorry Stefano, that comment just reminded me of the funniest
cameo scenes
		ever, from the 1980 movie Airplane!...

	Sounds funny, even though I am afraid that I may be missing a few
nuances myself... ;-)	Stefano Vaj

Ja, its an America thing Stefano.  Billingsley was the mom in a 50s era
family comedy about a stereotypical middle class family, but part of the
humor in the show is that they intentionally exaggerated the whiteness of
the family, and all the neighbors for that matter.  (Anyone who wants may
jump in here.)  Mrs. Cleaver would spend her day doing housework in a modest
dress, high heels and pearls for instance.  In that world, there was no
crime, no drugs, no poverty, no real problems other than the younger son was
the classic fuck-up.  The show had its moments.

In any case, the multi-talented (and knockout gorgeous) Billingsley was
typecast in that role, and could never get much work after that show ended.
So to have her show up in Airplane! translating jive was a hoot.  If you
haven't seen the original Airplane! do rent that, and be in a silly mood
when you start it.  It's been nearly 30 years, and I still laugh remembering
lines from that show.  Example, the boss runs in and says "Tell me
everything that happened!"  Second in command: "Well, sir, first there was
this big bang, and then the earth cooled, and then the dinosaurs came along,
but they got too big and fat, so they all died, and then the Arabs came
along and they bought Mercedes Benzes..."




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