[ExI] Is tobacco really harmful?

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Mon Nov 23 16:38:16 UTC 2009


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> Subject: Re: [ExI] Is tobacco really harmful?
> Rob:
> Really, since you've cone up with this geoundbreaking theory, 
> the only responsible position to take is to bear it out by 
> smoking as much additive-free tobacco as possible and seeing 
> whether or not you get lung cancer. I anticipate that your 
> experiment will provide immeasurable benefits to mankind.
> Tom D

When someone makes a suggestion to which one agrees, the response is
sometimes "I second the motion."  There should be something that is the
opposite of that, a response to a suggestion one opposes.  Second, first...

Tom, I zeroeth your motion.  Rob is one of our good guys.


> >
> >> A vast body of medical statistics indicates that cigarette smoking 
> >> causes many diseases.  But these data, almost entirely, pertain to 
> >> cigarettes with chemical ADDITIVES--of which there are many...  Rob

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