[ExI] jobs created or saved

spike spike66 at att.net
Thu Nov 26 06:01:02 UTC 2009


> ...On Behalf Of Damien Broderick
> ...
> > Close.  What I am asserting is that the action taken by the 
> government 
> > to crave jobs actually destroyed jobs in the long run.
> My point, however, was that dividing $789 billion by the 
> number of jobs allegedly gained or saved so far and getting 
> $1,200,000+ per job (as James Clement did, and you echoed) is 
> absurd. ...

Well Damien, actually I would agree with that assertion, because the number
640329 is completely arbitrary.  So any figure anyone wanted to toss out for
the cost to the taxpayer per job created or saved is every bit as valid as
any other arbitrary number.

I have posted too many times today and I wanted to share this link, so do
let me append it here.  This is a bit slow, but a wickedly cool little app
for astronomy fans:



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