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> Sure, but that does not change my point: smoking is harmful, 
> whatever it is one is smoking. Maybe tobacco is unusally bad, 
> but I doubt there is any material one can smoke that is harmless.
> Anders Sandberg,
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> From: Keith Henson
> > Google cilia tobacco cannabis
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> > Nicotine tends to have more adverse effects on the cilia than THC.
> > 
> > Keith

Having exactly zero experience with either medication, my observations may
be useful for its impartiality, or possibly for its heartfelt ignorance. (?)

If the toxicity of the two kinds of smoke is roughly equal, the smokers of
cannabis come out waaaay ahead, because of the delta in actual volume
smoked.  It is typical for a user of tobacco to burn 20 to 40 smokes a day,
whereas the consumers of cannabis tend to burn in a typical day only one or
two of those devices I think are called "reefers," or perhaps the mod hip
term would be "joints."


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