[ExI] Energy and Henson's forecast

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Sun Nov 29 10:14:44 UTC 2009

On 11/29/09, Lee Corbin wrote:
>  But don't let that stop us! We can make even greater, even
>  more massive, even more foolish gestures now, just so long
>  as we spend trillions and trillions and trillions. Let's
>  spend trillions on health care, *infrustructure*, carbon
>  credits, and saving the planet.
>  Trillions, that is, of dollars that do not exist.
>  It really doesn't matter how much in debt we put
>  future generations (just as the good ol' War on
>  Poverty and the great unWar in Vietnam and Great
>  Society put us. So why doesn't it matter if we
>  put those future generations into an economic
>  Black Hole? Because the economic Black Hole is
>  obviously going to happen anyway---everyone from
>  Obama on down (at least in the U.S.) is all in favor.
>  What we need, I guess, is an Energy Czar. Or, since
>  we already got a lot of czars running around, an
>  energy Führer. Someone with the vision and IQ of
>  a Lenin, say. Only a wise enough Leader with enough
>  Power can make everything right.


The money has disappeared already. They are just covering up the
problem and hoping things will get better.  The banks are staggering
along using lies and false accounting. Either the big problems are
'off-balance-sheet' (Didn't that used to be illegal in the good ol'
days?) or their assets are on the books with false valuations. That
million dollar mansion with the 950,000 dollar mortgage is still on
the books. But under the sheets the mansion could only be sold for
around 400,000 dollars and the mortgage is a year in arrears.

There has been a huge transfer of wealth from the middle classes to a
tiny percentage of the super-rich because of the takeover of the
financial system.

With real unemployment approaching 20% (more in some areas) much of
the population is surviving on food stamps.  This is an ideal market
for self-sufficiency. There is a grass roots movement starting up
already. A small investment by the government would be snapped up by
the population. (Not the states - they are broke as well due to the
drop in sales tax, property tax and income tax and they haven't
reduced their expenditure accordingly yet).

If the government started offering grants to the people for solar
power, windmills, etc. everyone would take them up. When you have
nothing left, you take anything you can get.

This is what the government should have done to recover from the
depression - offering stuff to individuals rather than handing
trillions over to the already rich groups who just said thanks very
much and did nothing with it.
But unfortunately the government is run by and for the benefit of the
rich, so it will take a big grassroots revolt to get them to pay
attention to the people.


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