[ExI] externalization of knowledge again

spike spike66 at att.net
Thu Oct 22 14:19:37 UTC 2009


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> > and it could create a personalized internet radio station that you 
> > will like.  And it is free!  No advertisement, no pledge drives, no 
> > yakkity DJs, such a deal!
> >
> > Life is gooood.  Living now is even better.
> >
> > spike
> >
> I use Last.fm a lot, same deal. I type in something like 
> "tallis scholars", then it gives me a bunch of options 
> including "Play Tallis Scholars Radio", I press that, and I 
> get an ongoing stream of the Tallis Scholars and groups like 
> them (according to data mining magic), awesome. Just 
> brilliant. I threw out all my CDs.
> --
> Emlyn

Ja that is kinda where I am going with this observation.  I don't see what
is in it for Pandora.  It completely obviates the purchase of the CDs they
are hoping to sell.  They have suggested some excellent music that I had
never heard, such as Coldplay.  But there isn't much point in my buying
their CD.  If you consider Pandora the ultimate advertisement technique, it
is too good, so good that the advertisement defeats the actual sale,
simultaneously creating a desire and eliminating the necessity.


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