[ExI] Civilization, Virtue, and Stress

Post Futurist p0stfuturist at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 2 00:20:57 UTC 2009

"How many WW2 was elected POTUS? Eisenhower, Kennedy (that lasted a couple of days in shark infested waters when his ship was sunked by japaneses)."
Nixon, Ford, Bush all served in the Pacific theater. Most potuses were in the war, or postwar services. Carter was in the postwar navy, the shrub was in the Guard.
Mirco, your view of war-legacy is too optimistic-- 'civilization' is influenced by Alexander and Hannibal, is even remotely influenced by the first homo sapien who cracked another guy's skull open with a big rock. 
For some reason I usually feel like Candide being pontificated to by Dr. Pangloss.
But I reject apocalypticism, even though there are mini-apocalypses. Vietnam was one. This war is another. 
BUT, this current war might end by 2020-- so the next war can be started up.

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