[ExI] desensitization v reality

Post Futurist p0stfuturist at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 3 14:28:27 UTC 2009

Frankly, if being paranoid didn't have a negative effect on the CNS, I
would think paranoia would be beneficial in what I consider to be an
uncivilized, or at the very least, Orwellian, substrate.

Hitler was in fact a victim, in a sense. He had the prerogative of
rejecting militarism, but had no choice in being militarized. The
Germanics are very efficient, so Hitler was inevitably picked up by
Austria for draft evasion. The next year he took the best route, from
his perspective, by fighting for Germany. He was no pacifist, but even
if he had been, he had little choice as to being conscripted. 

The problem I have with psychology (but not psychiatry) is you can
change the subject; but coping with the substrate means hiding from an
uncivilized reality, to a point. 

Say, what would Hitler have done if he had been a pacifist? Hidden in Scandinavia?

You can counsel someone to cope with their environment, but at what
price? How much does a subject desensitize himself from a decadent reality without
losing touch of too much of a reality check in the process?

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